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The Luxury-Millennial Guide; Where To Go [Bali, Indonesia]

Bali truly is the gem of Indonesia. This Instagrammable island which sits part as just one of the seven stunning islands within this Archipelago has seen itself become a bucket list destination with 0 discrimination on just who decides to venture out.

What we loved about Bali was its truly flexible offering with no area off-limits, with any budget you can make it work from the luxury five-star villa, stays with private pool and ocean view, to more moderate, budget-friendly options.

If you are planning to head to Bali especially during peak season July-to-August intend on booking pre-April/May/June, hotels run deals in this period and could just bag yourself a designer stay on the cheap.

If you’re anything like us, and like a little bit of lux-living and want to capture those ever-important holiday “insta content” shots, then follow us on Insta as we unveil some of the highlights of Bali and its surrounding islands, including a few new gems and hidden spots.  Below we give you a full rundown of some of what to expect before holidaying to different parts of Bali.



This is just one of the Lifestyle hubs of Bali and dubbed Tourist Party haven. Not rich in too much history you can see but rich in options for any tourist looking to come to Bali and soak up the tropical weather, surf, and indulge in some of the best worldly food spots on offer. Although Kuta is a produced ideal, what we’d dub a tourist machine part of the Indonesian tourist development, The Balinese know how to get you in the mood for relaxation, no matter how busy it is outside. This is a designated surfing spot, so if you are looking to find spots to swim, it will be a little tough with really small parts of the beach dedicated to swimming due to the heavy waves that occur ashore here. You can grab a few great Insta-moments across some of its stunning beaches though.

FYI: To get around you can download mobile apps such as GOJEK which offers personal car rides, taxi’s and bikes all at your fingertips.


Gili T 

Apart-of-the cluster of islands just 1.5 hours from the main Bali island, this is where anything is possible , claimed as the “party island” Gili T aka Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air forms a trio of stop-off spots that most if not all that visit Bali head to, at least for 1 night to experience the historical backpackers mecca and party paradise charged with beautiful beaches, coral-filled waters and (Full) Moon boat parties.

Gili T holds one main strip that wraps the circumference of the island offering you views of diamond blue waters, filled with sea life, rare corals and some of clearest sand beaches you can swim endlessly in. We think this island offers young and mature travelers the options to fully relax or get involved in some of the amazing parties and events that happen nightly across the island. Use your days for exploration, go walking, sunbathing, biking, snorkeling, it is all here.

FYI: Cars and motor vehicles are not allowed on the island, so pack light or prepared to walk from the beach to home, or grab a horse and cart from the station.



For us, Seminyak offers a piece of home, a more lux-appeal location offering you western amenities on your door located more North of Kuta, this is a more design built landscape. This is where you’ll find some of the best Luxury hotels offering more of what you’re used to. Head to the square to take in not only it’s vast markets, and beach offering you a picture-perfect sunset, but Seminyak is also home to a great selection of bars hosting live music for a little cheeky night on the town.



The ever-growing development across Bali with its influx of tourism has seen many locations treated like tourist shelter locations, cushioning us from some of the “real” which is evident as you travel through the island, but less so in surrounding and central Ubud pronounced ‘oobood’ with the grounds still seen as the home of tradition and culture. This is where Bali comes to life. Luxury resorts and villas are nestled in the landscapes, high above tree, in tents, floating above mountains and carved out of rocks, Ubud will capture your heart.

Once you’ve gotten here take the time to visit some of the historically rich surrounding sites from the Monkey Forest, UBUD Swing (think theme park for Instagram $35pp), iconic waterfalls, yoga retreats, and hikes.

FYI: Getting in and around Ubud can be hard and a little more costly than your used to, in other larger areas of Bali so plan. Consider booking a location that offers you Bikes, Cars to get around as cars here can be pricey due to GOJEK and other Car services being banned to support local taxi’s.



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