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Splendid Palace Hotel [Istanbul]

Two years after its renovation by Studio Noor, who was tasked to rejuvenate the 100-year-old Splendid Palace Hotel, which was constructed in the early 20th century by Müsir Kazim Pasha we take a closer look inside this landmark and what’s on offer?.

Splendid Palace Hotel is one of Turkey’s handful hotels that have been assigned special status by the Tourism Ministry, due to it’s unforgettable historical and cultural heritage, holding 60 rooms and 9 suites to accommodate 130 guests.

Splendid Palace has been operated by the founding family since the beginning according to the heritage of the 6th generation family members. İt is the only hotel in Turkey of its kind.   It is recognized as a  Class 1 national monument by the Ministry of Culture.

A hotel in historical symbiosis with nature, retaining the nostalgic ecstasy of the past on Büyükada’s unique, peaceful and relaxing island atmosphere far removed from the stress creating nature of the city. On Büyükada, as well as the other Princes’ Islands, horse-drawn carriages and bicycles are still the only means of public transportation.

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