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Restaurant De Kas [Located in Amsterdam Greenhouse]

Located in the Northern district of Amsterdam, This greenhouse turned eatery encompasses what it means to look past dining hand to mouth. Restaurant De Kas lays the foundations of future restauranteurs all within its breathtaking greenhouse located in the 17th-century, Frankendael Park.

Launched by founder and head grower Gert-Jan Hageman back in 1996 after his position as head chef at Vermeer in Amsterdam, Gert Jan earned himself a Michelin star. Hageman then went on sabbatical and De Kas was born. Not far from extraordinary this 150 seat restaurant houses a table top bar, central dining space all linked to its vegetable plots, greens, and newly unveiled lounge bar.

If you look to venture just a little outside the of the Amsterdam city centre, De Kas is most likely where you should be headed. Whether deciding from Lunch or Dinner here you’re body will be treated as a temple from its offering of general dishes usually with 3 vegetables prepared in various ways: firstly there is a choice between a greens menu and fish offering, but if you are a meat eater, don’t be discouraged, the culinary adventure here is worth the trip.

With the every changing weekly Menu, Restaurant De Kas is committed to seasonal, local produce matched with innovation, imagination and taste. Now run by Head Chefs Jos Timmer & Wim de Beer the duo look inwards as Tapioca and mustard seed crackers are matched with celery and green oil, whilst other dishes spiked by Mediterranean influences are garnished, deconstructed and put all back together, creating every savoury moment made from organic ingredients grown on-site.

Dare we say De Kas offers one of the best fresh-sourced culinary experiences across this bustling city and for us is taking the steps for a better tomorrow.

To Note: Bread here is prepared fresh daily and is exceptional, dive into the bread baskets and forego niceties.

To Book:  Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, 1097 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands, Phone: +31 20 462 4562


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