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Lanificio Cucina, Rome

Words by Marvin Maddix



The Aniene river holds a few secrets but Lanificio Cucina, Rome, should not be one of them. Formerly a warehouse, the building now host a series of businesses all under one roof. There is no question about it, Lanificio offers you more than just dining, this is true Italian style blended with modern opulence.

The Lanificio Cucina restaurant is something you’d expect to see in Soho, NYC or in the back alleys of East London, this warehouse, new concept restaurant is among those that allow you to dine and indulge. Everything you see in Lanificio Cucina can be bought. The owners have made it their duty to find, restore, showcase and sell some of the best antiquities possible and these are all restored a stone throw away in the curator’s workshop.

There is no doubt when you walk around, head to the bathroom or even dine in their basement that Lanificio is there to be remembered. Just like the atmosphere the menu uses traditional elements combined with international habit.

The food offering is seasonal so you are guaranteed the best. What might throw you is there Kitsch way of description. Each dish is named by its main ingredient so think about what you love and go for it. The staff here are very helpful and have a great knowledge of wines and the menu so don’t be worried to ask questions. They do offer English menus but you might need to bring an Italian friend along if you decide to veer off and start asking questions.


You won’t and can’t be disappointed here, Informality, attention to detail and creativeness are the main keys to interpret the atmosphere of Lanificio Cucina and it delivers.


Lemon . Caper , Carusel


FGUK Rating: 4.7

Food: *****

Location: ****

Service: ****

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