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La Ménagére, Florence


La Ménagére, Florence, was one of our stops when we visited this culturally rich city. Heard through the grapevine as one of the best innovative spots to visit, there was no passing up the opportunity to dine and experience. La Ménagére, Florence is what you call a concept-restaurant, a one stop dining experience of food, fun, frolics and maybe some retail therapy.

La Ménagère is part of the wave of restaurants with an uptown/downtown atmosphere, This restaurant houses alongside an exquisite kitchen, a coffee shop, bar, florist and performance space in the basement. When we visited we were seated in the more new Italian styled zone of this eatery, taking in the abundance of nature and flower pots spread across the bare wooden shelves and their grand piano.

In no way is La Ménagère understated, inauthentic or pretentious. the atmosphere is young, hipster and relaxed. all elements come together beautifully and are executed with precision and flare.

Designed by the architecture and design office q-bic, La Ménagère’s interiors both celebrate history and modern dining within it’s 19th century façade. La Ménagère might be summed up as something you’d see in bustling Berlin or Williamsbur, Brooklyn. The best seating arrangement has to be the common tables housed behind sliding doors or even the sharing table placed in the see-in kitchen.

We recommends cipolla, baccalà e patate dolci (onion, cod-fish and sweet potatoes), gnocchi arrostiti, cacio, pepe, limone, mela verde e cous cous fritto and the beef cheek on potatoes cream, yellow pumpkin and toasted almonds for mains.

You won’t be disappointed here, you can’t help but fall in love with its urban romantic charm. This definitely hold a piece of the Florence’s magic.

“our menu is inspired by traditional dishes revisited with a contemporary twist. “we have chosen to follow the season’s rhythms guaranteeing the freshest quality at lower costs offering gourmet cuisine at affordable prices. this is our version of food for the people.”

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