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‘House Inside a Rock’ by Amey Kandalgaonkar


Shanghai-based architect Amey Kandalgaonkar has designed and 3D rendered a House Inside a Rock by combining minimalistic concrete slabs with the organic geometries of natural rock. Titled “House inside a rock” and is inspired by the tombs of Mada’in Saleh, Saudi Arabia. This archaeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage site carved into the sandstone.

considering the visual complexity of the rocks at madain saleh, it was imperative to use simple planes and cubes in order to achieve a visual balance. I started out creating the rock in 3D software which in itself was a sculpting process. later when inserting the house into this rock, I tried to keep its visual impact from eye level as minimum as possible and only when observed from a birds eye, the real extent of the intervention is revealed.‘ –  Amey Kandalgaonkar


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House inside a rock The context of this project is inspired from #madainsaleh rock cut architecture in Saudi Arabia. Creating the rock in 3d was super fun and turned out better than I expected…Experience of living in such a house would be quite surreal. Any billionaires out there interested in building this? 🙂 #modernistarchitecture #modernhouse #brutgroup #rockhouse #deserthouse #cliffhouse #desertarchitecture #brutalist #brutalism #brutalistarchitecture #concreate #concrete #concretedesign #concreteart #concretearchitecture #concretehouse #octanerender #3d #gfx #cgi #thebartlett #digitalarchitecture #dezeen #archdaily #designboom

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