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Frost og Funi, Frost and Fire Hotel, Hveragerði [Iceland]

Guest house Frost and Fire may not come up in your top listed google searches but should be an essential part of your Icelandic journey. 

This ideal sleep-easy located at the banks of the river Varmá in Hveragerði town lays hidden off the beaten track but offers a world of its own whilst respecting the natural landscape. The building made of white cladding usual of Icelandic architecture houses restaurant Varma, a collection or tradition and contemporary merged with seasonal produce and exceptional Icelandic flavours; 2 outdoor hot tubs, outdoor pool, and sauna all encased in a natural hot spring.

Restaurant Varma will elevate you’re understanding of Icelandic taste, the ‘slow food’ kitchen delivers an A la Carte menu they should be proud of, with fine wine pairing all incorporating nature and what’s around them. From lamb mains cooked 12hr in the hot spring to carrot and chocolate cakes cooked in hot springs paired with Icelandic cream and caramel.

All rooms here are modest and necessary, whilst offering you a glance into this world of simplicity and charm that Frost and Fire have to offer. Rooms look out onto nature so whether star gazing or seeking the northern lights, you’ll be at hand. Guests are offered complimentary breakfast on booking from their continental buffet plates and also offer free parking for those really on the road to travels. 

To Note: Frost and Fire are surrounded by attractions and little gems so take the time to enjoy the road to and from here.

Book: Hverhamar, 810 Hveragerði, Iceland

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