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8 Essential pieces of kit you shouldn’t travel without

When it comes to going anywhere now its all about “instagrammability” and finding those ‘gram-worthy’ places to visit and keep those receipts. We select 8 pieces of kit you shouldn’t travel without this summer to show off those special moments and travel destinations


As a starter, you don’t have to buy an expensive DSLR camera as it has a lot of functions and can be confusing to use. Instead, use a lightweight point and shoot compact camera with lesser functions to record your trip. If you want to record at night, you can invest in a mirrorless camera which has a larger sensor for allowing in more light. Mirror less camera’s also has interchangeable lenses that can be upgraded. The camera and other equipment should be carried in a waterproof bag so they won’t become damaged as a result of exposure to water.

External Microphone

When you are recording outside, your voice will be muffled by a lot of wind noise. The normal microphone in a camera will not be able to pick up your voice so you have to use an external microphone. For the more advanced content creator, you can get an external recorder if your camera does not have any external microphone port. If you use an external recorder, you will have to use a video editing software to combine together the audio and video.

Wind Shield

If you are recording in a windy area, the video background will be noisy. If you put windshield over the microphone, the background will be quiet without any sound. You can find a windshield for almost all types of microphones. There is also mini windscreen which can stick on your camera microphone.


If you are travelling alone, you need to get a tripod so that the camera can be in a fixed position during recording. There are two types of tripods including Gorillapod and Manfrotto tripod. Gorillapod can be easily transformed into any shape and set on an irregular surface. Manfrotto is less versatile but it is lighter than Gorillapod.

Camera Charger

Don’t forget to bring your camera charger. Easily dismissed but also easily forgotten. Take a powerpack if filming in somewhere that doesn’t have access to AC outlets. If you have a portable generator, you can also bring it along for you to charge your camera conveniently.

Extra Camera Storage

You should also bring along extra storage like a micro SD card. You may want to film more than you plan to film and end up using a lot of spaces on your storage. If you want to edit your video on the computer, bring along thumb drive or external hard drive for baking up the edited video.

International Adapter

Going across waters, an International adapter is always a good idea. There are universal options or you can opt for buying an adapter designed for the country that you are visiting, we recommend this for those looking to become a frequent visitor or shooting on the move.


Of course. On your laptop, make sure to install a video converter with built-in video editor like Movavi Video Converter. The software allows you to drag and drop your video files and then select a destination format in the Video tab. When you select a format, you can choose the resolution of the video output. It also has a mobile tab where you can find formats with a mobile-friendly resolution to convert your video.

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