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Wild thoughts of Ian Sepheer – ‘Cries Of The Jungle’

We meet 21 years old  Rotterdam, The Netherlands based emerging artist  Ian Sepheer who presents his new self-written and produced track ‘Cries Of The Jungle’ from his upcoming EP ‘After Dark’. The track delivers a mix of 80s pop with a melancholic, dreamy modern sound. Shot by Felie Tuitel.

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Tell us a bit about who Ian Sepheer is?

I am Ian Sepheer, 21 years old and I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

Tell us more about your sound?

The music I make is never only one genre. Every sound depends on my mood and feeling at that time.The all-over sound is indie dreamy/pop. I am extremely inspired by the 80’s so I will mostly have influences of that era. 

Tell us more about new track ‘Cries Of The Jungle’?

Cries Of The Jungle is about two types of people in society: the person who lives in a structured and follows routine – On the other hand, you have the person who lives by the day and is spontaneous in life and enjoys the smaller things. I belong to that last category. I never went to college after secondary school, and to this day many people are still uncomfortable with that. As if I wasted my life?.Personally, I see that very differently. In the video, you follow my trip between those two worlds. Furthermore, I do not want to say too much about it, I want viewers to form their own story. 

How do you remain Individual and engage with your audience but remain current?

I always try to stick to myself. No alter ego’s. I am Ian Sepheer as an artist but also in my daily life. I think that makes me stand out a lot already since a lot of artists have a certain persona, which is also dope, but I don’t need that. The way I engage with my audience is to always deliver them the best I have in me, to inspire them, keep them excited, bring them on my personal rollercoaster.

Name an instance in which you’ve failed and a lesson learned? 

I mostly dislike the negative context of the word ‘failure’. If I don’t succeed in the way I want things to happen, I will not let it affect me in a negative way. I will only allow it to inspire me and work harder. I had plans for my EP in 2015, but 3 years later I’m releasing it. You can see that as ‘failure’, but for me, it just wasn’t the right time to release something. I grew a lot in 3 years and now with everything I have been through and everything that I have experienced, I can proudly say I am ready to share my sound with the world.

What is it you want to achieve. #ENDGOALS?

My end goal is to have a successful music career and deliver my music to the world on a festival stage. I love festivals. It’s like you enter the land of freedom.

What message do you want to send to your followers? 

I want them to just do you and stop snoozing on your dreams. When you make that first move, the rest will follow in every way possible.

How can people discover and find you?

Through my Instagram, YoutTube and all the music streaming stores such as Spotify, Deezer, and iTunes. 

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