Queer artist WILLING’s new video “I Swear We Won’t Get Caught” is censored by Facebook

Last week, queer manifesto pop provocateur, Willing, released their new music video titled “I Swear We Won’t Get Caught“. In promotion on the video, Facebook has since disapproved all attempts at boosting a short 30-second promo clip.

To note, Facebook and Instagram have become particularly stringent in regards to their ‘community standards’ since SESTA FOSTA was passed in the States. This is the same bill that has shut down Backpage and parts of Craigslist and has been very harmful to sex workers and now affecting the young creative artist.

Whilst this could be seen as a saucy depiction of the queer experience, we believe this is part of a wider narrative of queer artists not being able to promote their work. Music videos that don’t meet community standards are being censored, as well as members of the queer community whose entire Instagram’s have been shut down due to the nature of their content.

Whilst we’ve seen Instagram loosening their grip on #FREETHENIPPLE is Queer censorship another form of the heterosexual social hierarchy and protecting their heterosexual eyes. You decide, peep Willing’s new video below.




Update: See what Willing had to say  ‘This clip was supposed to celebrate queer intimacy and poke fun at the straight/gay binary. It is hugely disappointing that Facebook and Instagram in line with their updated community standards won’t even let me boost an edited promo clip of the full video which merely depicts two gay boys making out fully clothed. Of course, this is sexually suggestive in the same way any passionate embrace is but considering we’ve all witnessed straight people kiss on the street and indeed in the media since our youth I find it hard to believe that there isn’t some level of queerphobia at play here.

Anecdotally we continue to witness provocative queer artists have their Instagrams shut down and boosts disallowed even when, in most cases, we are promoting to a targeted audience of adults.

Artists rely on being able to advertise through these platforms as that’s where our audience is. We need to speak up against these advertorial restrictions wherever they arise as they are but one part of a broader regressive narrative that, since the passage of Sesta Fosta, has banned Tumblr porn and pushed sex work onto the streets due to Backpage and Craigslist personals being shut down. These are dangerous laws that are reducing the safety of our community.’

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