Interview: FGUK Meets Skye Townsend


Interview: FGUK Meets Skye Townsend

Words by Marvin Maddix



There something so honest and so noteworthy when we think R&B newcomer Skye Townsend. From her debut Vomit (EP) back in 2012 to her newly released EP Rocking Chairs. We catch up with the American heart throb about the future of R&B, Drake, her roots and of course the music.





FG: can we just say thank you Skye, there’s just not enough R&B artists out there any more ! 

ST : I agree! Thank you for thinking that I am one worth acknowledging.

FG : can we touch on that, is there a reason you feel R&B just seems to be a dying genre ? 

ST : I think all music involves tapping into some type of emotion but R&B requires more. It requires having soul and baring your soul in your music. A lot of artists fear transparency and letting their audience see who they are. We love singers who display their pain, pleasure and battles in their music. That’s what makes real r&b relatable.

FG: Off that topic, you released your New EP “Rocking chairs” back in January can we just say, beautiful. Talk us through the process of it all ? 

ST: It was an exhausting process that tested my patience and faith but it finally came together! It’s such a beautiful body of work and I’m just blessed to have something out there that really represents who I am as an artist. I had no vocal producers, no managers, and no label… So, the process was far from easy. 

FG: From your first EP To now, we know you really wanted to pull your cosmopolitan roots into your music, do you feel your sound now is where you want to sit? 

ST: I think as an artist it’s important to constantly evolve but I think for who I am right now, that sound is perfect for me. I wake up listening to dancehall, then turn on Sade and end my day with meditation music. The records feel eclectic without being all over the place. You can really feel that more than one genre inspired me. 

FG: You Instagram personality really sets the tones for us. Your humble and this is beautiful to see…how do you keep grounded ? 

ST: Poverty and the state of black America keeps me grounded. My life could have turned out so differently with what’s going on in the world. When you abuse your blessings or take them for granted, they are then taken from you. To be living my dream everyday is the greatest gift. I just aim to make people smile and laugh and dance. 

FG: How much does the “Bae” influence in-terms of what tracks make it on to the EP?

ST: My boyfriend is the most inspiring person I have ever come across. My lyrics are honest and I talk about some of our battles and beautiful moments but the message is that we kept love alive after some storms and always find a way back to making things work. I cannot write music that isn’t someway personal. Those close to me understand and respect that. 

FG: We know sometimes music is a great release emotionally and your new EP really sounds like you’re coming from a good place.. Do you use your music as your diary almost?

ST: I use it to inspire people and spit out all of my emotions. There is enough negative music out there. I wanted to make music that makes the listener crave love…not run from it. 

FG: We see you post artists like Beyonce and Aaliyah are these artist you grew up to? 

ST: I began singing because of Aaliyah. It wasn’t necessarily her voice but more so her presence. Beyonce is the modern day Michael Jackson. It’s inspiring to see that some artists are still willing to work hard and keep their showmanship. 

FG: What’s the top played tracks on you music playlist right now? 

ST: Kranium – Nobody Has To Know & Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud 

FG: You said once “I want to work with anybody hungry and ready to change the game. The next generation is what excites me most.” Is this still the same ? Is there no one you would like to make music with ?

ST: I would love to work with Drake. He writes hits in his sleep but remains honest and let’s his fans ride the emotional wave of fame with him. Love his work!

FG: Where do you see Skye in 5 years? 

ST: Wherever I am I hope to still be healthy and happy. This industry will strip you of your peace. The goal is to be successful but to be happy once the success comes. 

FG: What’s the message you want to send your listeners ? 

ST: I want my listeners to understand their worth and know that love and respect are both out there and it all starts with “you”. I want them to know that being strong as a woman is completely acceptable. And specifically for my black female listeners, you have every right to be articulate and smart. It doesn’t make you less of a black woman to be so. 

FG: If you could be anywhere doing anything with anyone, what who and where would it be? 

ST: I would be traveling the entire world with my boyfriend and giving back while doing so. It’s important to keep your eyes open to what’s happening in other countries when you travel. It humbles you. 

FG: We know you have your lazy days, what’s your perfect pig out food? 

ST: I love red velvet ice-cream and avocado toast!

FG: And as this is the Fashion Glossary UK (FGUK) Our Final Question is … If we said the letters below … You say…..?

F.. Funny 
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