Interview: FGUK meets Attaque aka Dominic Gentry


Interview: FGUK meets Attaque aka Dominic Gentry

Words by Mollie Pyne




 Recently we saw British based producer Dominic Gentry aka Attaque release the visuals for “Future Earth”

we catch up with him. 




FG: How did you first get into music?

AT: Probably when I was being woken up in the night as a toddler by my dad smashing out The Who songs on his electric guitar.

Really though it was as a teenager, I was a classic grunge kid who first got into Nirvana. I always hung out with older people though and after going to Glastonbury when I was 15 it opened my eyes and ears to different stuff.


FG: Describe your sound in three words?

AT: repetitive,  expansive,  gaze

FG: What is the underlying message to want to communicate through your music?

AT: There really is no message I’m trying to get across, my music is just an audio interpretation of my personality so if anything I’m just Introducing myself to people through this album.


FG: You just released the visuals for Future Earth. Tell us the story behind it?

AT: I left the idea and concept to the wonderful Jake Gabby who also did the Change Your Mind video, I love the way he can tell a story using the subtleties of camera angles and how he creates certain moods by where he shoots.

Future Earth is quite a edgy paranoid track with some beauty in there and that’s exactly what he did with the visual side of it.













FG: You worked with Native Youth on the track. How did this collaboration come about?

AT: My manager played me some of his demos and I thought he had such a unique voice I immediately wanted to work with him.

When working with vocalists I really try and get them on tracks which sound completely different to their own stuff and that’s why Future Earth was the right track for him.


FG: Name the top 5 people you would like to work with?

AT: Tom Rowlands from Chemical Brothers, Lee Ronaldo from Sonic Youth, Jack Bevan from Foals, Kieran Hebden and Nigel Godrich.

FG: Who are some of your personal and musical inspirations?

AT: You read about people everyday who do inspiring things, whether its political activists, scientists, explorers, artists who ever really,, I’m currently reading the Kim Gordon Biography, she is a big inspiration.

 It’s the same with music, you wouldn’t buy or listen to something if it didn’t move you in some way so really I take inspiration from everything I listen to, obviously some more than others like Jeff Buckley, Bjork, Mogwai and LCD Soundsystem 

FG: Describe your vision of the “future earth”.

AT: Well if things don’t change then in the future there will be a very small percent of the human race left as once we have destroyed and depleted the earths resources there will be an all out war between who’s left to fight for what ever’s left.

Although it doesn’t have to be that way. If people valued humanity, nature and the environment over the economy and the pursuits of wealth then things could be different.

Read anything by Noam Chomsky or George Monibot as they have some good ideas on how it could be.


FG: Tell us some interesting facts about yourself?

AT: I’m ambidextrous

My two front teeth are in fact made of porcelain.

I have tinnitus in one ear.

I once painted Claudia Schiffer’s house.


FG: What can we expect next from you?

AT: A rather special remix I did for Max Cooper

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