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Incredible Black Self-Love visuals in Eli Fola’s New Video ‘Royalty’

Eli Fola, a Nigerian born, Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, and saxophonist unveils his pro-love visuals of new track ‘Royalty‘ directed at black love. Fola who delivers Yoruba Tech Soul [a fusion of traditional Nigerian sounds, electronic, jazz, house, and classical music], Eli tinges of tradition with updated references. 

“Royalty” shows what identity is at the root— textured with culture, history, and commentary. With its kaleidoscopic cultural lens, the video illuminates the multifacetedness of blackness. It’s as African as it is American, and everything in between, bringing to life the soul that lives through and across diasporic distances.

Director Imani Dennison on the inspiration behind “Royalty”:

“When I sat with the word ‘royalty,’ I immediately asked myself what were different ways I could show the dexterity of Blackness, and the different aesthetics that fall under black royalty. From durags, traditional African attire, to nakedness, I wanted to paint a picture of what it looks like to be royal. Once I listened to the track, I began pulling images that made me feel. Gritty New York style images, images from the continent, stills from films—I needed to first create a world using the song as a soundtrack. Once that was complete I sent everything to art director, Akua Shabaka and she completely made sense of my vision. She really gave the concept a language I was missing and this ended up being one of my favorite collaborations to date.”





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