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In Conversation with Charles Music

This year saw Emerging British soul artist Charles labeled as a One to watch after his debut of new single ‘Darker Shade Of Green’. The artist catches up with us on What’s next, his LGBTQ fan base and inner fears. Read more below and follow Charles Here. If his unveiled tracks are anything to go by we can’t wait to see what his debut EP, set for release  End of May has in store. 


Who is Charles?

I’m a 23-year-old artist from North London. I spend most my time daydreaming and eating chicken wings with a knife and fork. 

Tell us about more about your upbringing and how you found music?

My upbringing was cute, my mum noticed pretty quickly that a stage and a crop top was definitely something I wanted/needed. She enrolled me in a local dance school where I trained to sing, act and dance and it just went from there really. My Mum and Dad’s house was a right hub of contrasting music. Had Dad smooth moving to Marvin Gaye and Sade. Whilst Mum was having all types of moments with Prince and Pink Floyd. I think that’s where I pull from most of my inspiration in my music. I always want it to remind me a little bit of the past. 

What’s a day in the life of Charles?

A day in the life of Charles can vary, to be honest. Most of the time I’ll be in the studio creating what I can. Some nights you might find me at a swanky awards ceremony in a look. But mostly you’ll catch me slaving away on the weekend at a restaurant I work at lol. The life of an aspiring singer ay!

Being an LGBTQ Artist how do you feel your impact is any different?

Ooo that’s tricky. I don’t want to say its any different cause I think all of us LGBTQ artist have the same end goal. But I suppose I want the public to widen their minds even more. I’m 6’7, mixed race, deep bass voice, with sweet high falsetto, flamboyantly dressed, yet tracksuits when I feel like it, strongly opinionated but also soft when needed. Unapologetically camp, and straight enough for ya wife to love me. I remember the legends of the music industry like Prince, David Bowie, and George Micheal owning this. I want to build the bridge linking the LGBTQ community and the music industry together. 

What message do you want to send to your followers/listeners?

My only message I want to send is ‘Everything is going to be okay’. I don’t want to sit here and lie with some inspirational quote. But life is mad stressful and it will constantly try to fuck with you but just keep fighting the movement and all will be good. Surround yourself with good friends and food man, ha.

Tell us about your new visuals for Darker shade of Green?

‘Darker Shade Of Green’ music video idea came to me when I was working in that very basement at work. I was sat watching couples be wined and dined and was thinking about how that could have an effect on some of my single colleagues. So I met my mate Terry who I shot my last video ‘Red Green Gold’ with and we brainstormed some ideas. We thought it would be cool for Charles to be working whilst watching these very stylised couples out for dinner. For him to then enter this dream sequence where he was amongst all this love. To be sat alone dressed in green to symbolise his jealous interior. 

Any projects on the horizon we should all look out for?

My EP ‘The First’ will be dropping in late May. Without a doubt accompanied by a few more short film/music videos.

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? 

Absolutely nothing. People only judge you cause they jealous af. 

How can we find you and hear what you’ve been up to?

You can find me on all socials Instagram/Twitter: @Charlesmusic_  and Facebook ‘Charles Music Official’.

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