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While Minus Gravity might be an emerging band to you, this Hip-Hop/R&B trio has already racked up millions of view, streams and reblogs. The group made up of Mic Apollo, Sir Blaze, and Rob Wil are now signed to Capitol Records as of December of this year.

The San Antonio, Texas band officially formed back in 2014 were discovered through their SoundCloud and 2016 saw the release of their first Mixtape titled “9”.

See below as we talk Sound, Fashion, and Kanye West, also check out the full shoot above in our gallery. 


Hi Guys, thanks so much for sitting down with us, can you first of all just tell us your names?

Thank you for having us. 


Where are you from, and how did you all meet?

Apollo: San Antonio, Texas. Blaze and I met in middle school at the age of 12… we were both the only kids in our middle school with mixtapes so we became best friends.  Started making music together immediately after.  Three years later Apollo was running a recording studio in the back of a dance studio where Rob Wil was taking dance classes at, heard him sing and told his mom that I needed to work with him when he was 13 or 14. And we’ve been all making music together ever since for 10 years plus.

How did the name Minus Gravity come about?

We became Minus Gravity about 3 years Ago…we moved to LA a year prior … we were growing as people and growing musically.  We were out in LA together with nothing . Sleeping wherever we could. Homeless, all of that.  There was nothing that could have possibly happened to keep us from achieving our dreams. So we came up with MINUS GRAVITY = Nothing can hold you down.

When it comes to your sound, how would you describe it?

We take pride in not getting caught in what’s going on in music right now . We make music for every mood . When you’re getting ready for the club, when you’re at the club, when you’re sad , when you’re happy . All of our music comes from real life experiences we’ve been through.

Are there any artists you all feel you’d love to work with, or that inspires your sound?

Kanye west. Because he’s the GOAT. 

Name one producer you’d love to hop on a track with?

We’ve always wanted to work with Pharrell more than any other producer. We know he would understand us and our vision immediately .

When it comes to writing music, what is the message you want people to take away from a MINUS GRAVITY track?

Nothing can hold you down.  Nothing in this life really matters except for finding your passion or your dreams and chasing that . Finding what truly makes you happy as a person.

When it comes to fashion, you all seem to have it locked in, how important was it to showcase personal style as well as sound?

We have a deep passion for fashion and we always have . We love pushing the fashion envelope . Doing things most men would be scared to do because fashion is just another Expression of Art to us . We’ve even been getting our nails painted for the last 5 years almost because it’s an accessory for us, like a pair of earrings or a necklace. Now we see a lot more men, rappers or singers getting there nails painted now which is dope .  If you ever second guess wearing something that makes you feel good because you’re worried about how other people will accept it or perceive it… you’re living wrong . FUCK THAT! FUCK PEOPLE.

How much influence does fashion have when it comes to your visuals?

So much influence .. they coincide with each other. We can’t wait to express ourselves through fashion the way we really want to in our new visuals .

Favorite label to sign to?

We just signed to Capitol records. So we’re going to say capitol haha. But honestly it’s just how well you have your business set up and what really feels like the right move to you. It’s all energy.

We know you visited London last year, how is the vibe different in London to USA?

We went to London for the first time and got so inspired. The fashion and shopping is crazy. Selfridges, Harrods, we cant wait to go back. The whole culture in London is just totally different.

While we are Speaking on London we just found out our good friend Harry Uzoka from London has passed this morning . He was killing the modeling and fashion game out there and in the US. Felt like we had to mention him, our first friend from London. R.I.P Brother. 

What’s next for you?

Our first major EP will be dropping everywhere in the next few months . It’s completed . We worked really hard on this and can’t wait to share it with the world . 

Where can anyone who doesn’t already, follow you or find your music?

We update mostly on our instagram which is @MinusGravity spelled just like our name.  We respond to every single fan we can. It’s been a long journey for us and every single person that listens to our music means everything to us . We have music out on every music platform . Our new music will also be everywhere really soon.

You can follow MINUS GRAVITY here or listen to their music on all Digital streaming platforms.


Photographer + Art Direction: www.baileyrobb.com

Production: Kristin Barnes

Set Design + Production Assistant: Austin Saikal

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