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Spring/Summer 2019 looks to the streets, as we explore our obsessions with streetwear and the great outdoors. From street-style, travel to faces and its integration and power to pull us all together. We focus on the streets and current matters that affect us all from mental health, the meaning of contemporary feminism and masculinity to cannabis legislation in the UK as we meet some of the Los Angeles’s top 3 Weed Chefs.

For our cover story we tap gender-fluid face Parker Kit Hill shot by creative People of Colour duo Isaac West and stylist Mecca James-Williams as we talk about heritage, education and filling up the World with a little more love.

Happy 4:20

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  • ISSUE 5.0 – POWER

    For Spring/Summer 2018 we wanted to celebrate the contributions of black and brown influencers, artists, activists, musicians etc have had on pop-culture as of late and we hope this continues to flourish. For issue 5 we have over 300 pages of content, interviewing over 20 new and established influencers and professionals across disciplines from Arts, Culture, Publishing, to those just challenging what it really means to be beautiful (real).

    Our Cover stars Tré Melvin, Aleali (uh•lay•lee), Candace Reels and Rickey Thompson show us what power means to them and their Influence.

    This issue doesn’t just focus of #POC issues but understands a war cannot be won just looking at it from one side, through our pages we share the ideas of love & inclusivity but look to raise awareness whether this be women’s politics, queer rights, POC Matters, and opinions or just pushing the ideas of a modern Utopia.

    We chose July 4th as release date as we look at this as a rebirth of true #Freedom.


  • ISSUE 4.0- SEX

    The Sex Issue which dissects what modern day fetish and sex means as part of a digital age. Our development from just porn sites and magazines but our new found arousals with the Internet, aesthetic, Instagram unwrapping videos and photography.

    The issue which now offers over 300 pages featuring an Interview with Jeremy Meeks as we discuss changing fans perspectives and his sexiest moments. The gorgeous Lara, Mara and Sheila shot by photographic duo Mar+Vin, an Interview with Creative Director behind the New York-based genderless label LANDEROS NEW YORK, Why we shouldn’t spend our time watching porn, Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston behind the viral video for Brendan Maclean’s House of Air and Secret Travel gems worth visiting.

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    This issue we have dedicated to the outcasts, nomads and the ones who dare to be different and yet have become some of the most influential artists, models and activists of any current and pop culture movement.
    Our International cover boy Shaun Ross is no newbie to the fashion world but this imperfect model who has risen to fame talks to us about the business of fashion, albinism and activism.

    We touch every corner of the globe to discuss the challenges we face as people from sexual racism, sexism and skin bleaching. We talk to Estonian Rapper Tommy Cash to USA’s new face of Dsqaured2 Paul Francois.

    We take you on our visual tour through Italy and showcase some of the best luxury and boutique stays while offering you some products and lifestyle buys to take with you.

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  • ISSUE 2


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  • Issue 2

    Generation Alpha (Digital)

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