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A Work Of Art: A conversation with Patricia Field

New Yorker based stylist to the stars, costume designer, and boutique owner Patricia Field has kept her guns blazing and with her recognisable head of red, long locks. The seamstress has earned an Oscar nomination and an Emmy win on the big screen from flicks such as “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Sex and the City,” and sits and talks to FGUK Magazine about work, fashion and art and  her new brand showroom, which opened this month, representing all artists featured in this story. 


Christos @ soul artist management is shot by Joe Lally in “A Work Of Art” with styling by Fredo Montes. Clothing thanks to Suzan Pitt, Jeremy Scott, Kyle Brincefield aka Studmuffin NYC, Lara Padilla, Zachary Laine aka Resin, Scooter Laforge, Ben Copperwheat, Rufskin and John Paul Fauve. 


FREDO: since the 80’s, I can personally attest to how integral you (Patricia Field) have been part of NYC: the nightlife, the culture, the fashion and the arts. the Patricia Field store on 8th street in the west village was a legendary hot spot. I can’t help but smile, remembering the wonderful memories it brings back… tell me, how did that even begin?


PATRICIA FIELD: It all began in 1966 on the campus of NYU two blocks away from what became my 8th street store in 1971. over the years it developed and gained an identity, one of which was my association with artists, painters, young designers, entertainers, etc. it was considered to be a daytime clubhouse, for my clients and creatives.


FREDO: yes, indeed it was… you, are perhaps best known for your work on the groundbreaking American television show on HBO, “sex and the city” (1998-2004), and the two films (2008, 2010) that followed. fashion was as vital to the storylines as the four main characters (Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda)… and you were responsible for this. how did this new chapter in your life begin?


PF: This chapter began in the early 90’s with my association with Sarah Jessica Parker, for whom I wardrobed a feature film in Miami called “Miami Rhapsody” in the mid 90’s. Sarah Jessica was very supportive of my joining the new organization of “sex and the city.” upon her recommendation, I met with Darren Star the creator and the rest is history.


FREDO: Congratulations on having recently opened up a new gallery. at this hidden jewel, you represent several artists, some of which are longtime friends of mine… you are the mother of the House of Field. the patron goddess of the NYC art and fashion scene. you’ve curated quite a coven of wickedly talented artists… how did this come to pass?


PF: through the years my associations with numerous artists resulted in a beautiful art collection, much of which now resides in the Keith Haring Nakamura museum outside of Tokyo, Japan. In my shops, art always hung on the walls and through the years many murals were painted as well. “art fashion” is one singular chapter of this history that you referenced as “a coven of wickedly talented artists.”


FREDO: What is next for the queen of art and fashion?


PF: Aside from world domination… I am currently enjoying my “art fashion” project as it has received many positive responses and has taken off in many cities across the world. We’ve exhibited in Berlin, Florence, Mykonos, Miami’s Art Basel, upstate New York as well as Bergdorf Goodman in NYC.


FREDO: Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me…


PF: thank you… love the photos, by the way. looks like you know how to bring the heat!”


Interview by FREDO MONTES


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