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Women For Women by Shyama Golden

Women of colour have a new savior. Whether depicting Issa Rae, her mum or Michele Obama, Shyama Golden’s artworks showcase a woman for women perspective in the artist’s high pop-art style. The artist from an oil painting and graphic design background depicts women in pop-culture that step-away from the mainstream.  Commenting on her work via Wetransfers’ WePresent “I choose to make images of people who I don’t feel like I see often enough in figurative art,” Shyama says. “I’m focusing on women for now since we’re so used to only seeing women from a male perspective.”

Created on her iPad, Shyama also creates works around the ideas of botany and astronomy pulling from memory and childhood her digital oil paintings using the Procreate app and the Apple Pencil. “I find that the oil pastel brush is remarkably true to real life oil paints because of its very subtle textured blending capabilities,” she says. She saves painting with oils and acrylics for her personal work that’s not time- and cost-dependent.

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