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WHOLE | United Queer Festival


There is a new Festival in support of LGBTQ+ opening in Berlin, Germany. Whole is Europe’s first queer electronic music festival taking place in Berlin from 25th of August to 27th. 

With a quality line-up as one of the foundations of the festival, festival goers can expect a diverse range of new and upcoming artists, local talent, and renowned international headliners.

Queens, kings, criminals, and queers:
There are no tears for the creatures of the night.
We come together to become undone, more than one,
as pure biology or the prophecy of history,
at once escaping and negating that which cannot contain us, which cannot prevent us.

Our events proliferate difference. Our spaces are sex-positive. Our parties are collaborative productions rooted in affinity and friendship, often showcasing local sounds and work made by people in the scene. We do not own nightclubs; we curate nightlife. Step into the WHOLE – with:

Liber Null Berlin
G day


Tickets are on sale – Early Birds: €49 / Second Release: €59

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