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We meet Ollywood, promoter behind London gay club night DADDY ISSUES

Words by Siobhan Ryan 



East London just got even more Sexy. New club night DADDY ISSUES @ The Tipsy London caters to Daddies and their admirers. We talk to co-founder and promoter Ollywood about London Club night. Daddy Issues Next hot instalment is this Friday


Siobhan: Talk us through your experience in London nightlife.

OLLYWOOD: I’ve been working in London nightlife for nearly 10 years. I started flying(handing out flyers) outside clubs, then I did the door a few times, then I started hosting parties and then more and more. It got to a point where I was hosting and promoting too many parties that I got bored and stepped away for a while. I decided if I was going to come back to nightlife I didn’t want to be promoting other peoples nights, I wanted to start my own.

S: The daddy issues brand is very niche, where did this all start? What’s the story behind daddy issues?

O: I wanted to start a t-shirt line, but I’m not a designer. I knew I wanted it to be something to do with Daddy’s. Then Borja, who I run the party with now, came to me with the idea of a party, he also wanted to do something with Daddies and the whole concept just clicked.

Sense of humor is very important to us.


“The branding is all about taking the mickey out of masculinity. You can be hairy and manly but it’s ok to still be a queen!”

S: You now have your own event with this concept, talk us through what we could expect from a daddy issues night?

O: Great music! Free daddy issues tees given away by the illustrator heyrooney. Free button pin badges given away and free lube from Kamikaze Angel luxe lube!



S: Where did the inspiration for this brand come from?

O: The daddy look is very on trend right now. It’s something that to me is the right mixture of sexy and funny. I have lots of fun mixing the lines between masculinity and felinity with our brand identity.

S: What kind of people attend your night?

O: 3 kinds of people…first there’s the DADDY’S, then there’s the BABY DADDY’s and lastly the DADDY BOY’s, those who admire both!

S: What is special about Dalston that makes it such a creative hub for nightlife?

O: I think everyone that comes to the party [in Dalston] is united by feeling a connection to our strong brand identity. Which is all about embracing both your masculine and feminine side. If you’re a big masc daddy top we will celebrate you and if you’re a twinky blonde bottom we will celebrate you as well. It’s the perfect environment for gays from each side of the spectrum to come together and theres no prejudice.

S: London has such a great eclectic nightlife scene where are your favourite spots to party?

O: I don’t party so much these days, I like to go somewhere I feel comfortable. I love the feeling of family at both The Glory and Dalston Superstore purely because I’ve been going so long. I can go alone and not need to worry because I know I’ll see lots of friends there.

S: How do you go about creating a night where everyone has lots of fun but also feel safe?

O: We are very thankful to the amazing staff at The Typsy for taking good care of us. The club has a really cool, quirky environment which is perfect for the mood of the party. Lastly I think our brand identity is so strong we only attract people that really ‘get’ what we are all about.

S: How do you feel about the current situation concerning London’s nightlife?

O: It’s always sad when a club closes but there are still new nights popping up! Things change and come and go but we are a strong community with a strong presence, full of talented creative, artistic people so there will always be music and dancing where we are.

S: Is Daddy Issues something we could possibly see making an appearance elsewhere?

O: Yes! Daddy Issues will be popping up soon in other cities like San Fran and Barcelona. We will also be playing at festivals next summer. Also a regular Daddy Issues in Los Angeles is in the works. So stay tuned!

S: When is the next Daddy Issues party?

O: 09/12/16 At The Tipsy Dalson.


20 New Stoke Newington road, Stoke Newington, London N16 7XN. £5 to get in before 11, £7 after, doors opening at 10!

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