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Waste, Desire ft Brooks Ginnan

In a two-piece story, Brooks Ginnan becomes the muse in “WASTE, DESIRE” in an Exclusive Editorial and film feature for FGUK Magazine focused on the concepts of Fashion, waste, and pollution with photography & creative direction thanks to Cameron Tidball-Sciullo

Each look comes handmade thanks to styling & co-creative director Betsy Johnson from a combination of discarded materials and designer garments fitted exclusively to Brooks Ginnan, shot in New York City.

More than 150 billion garments are now produced annually with 60% more clothes bought today compared to just 15 years ago.

These soaring levels of clothing production and consumption cause pollution and depletion of water sources, soil loss from the toxic pesticides used to grow cotton and the release of huge amounts of plastic microfibres when synthetic clothes are washed. The fashion industry produces over 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions a year and, without transformative change, by 2050 it could be responsible for more than a quarter of the world’s total carbon emissions.

Patrizia Heiddeger from the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) said: “It’s time for a fashion industry where toxic chemicals, plastic, and microfibre pollution and excessive levels of waste are consigned to history. While some clothing brands are making inroads to sustainability, given the stark scientific warnings on climate change and nature loss, progress is too slow and environmental goodwill is not good enough.”

Filler fashion thanks to, Creepy Yeha, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Namilia.





Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Erik Saltzman
Talent: Brooks Ginnan
MUA: Ivelisse Rosado
Special thanks to FACE Studio BKNY
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