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Review: The Uuni 3, delivering great authentic pizzas everytime.

Here comes the playing of the mandolins and a picturesque Neapolitan pizzeria. The Uuni 3 is a revolutionary new piece of kit that you might just be missing in your kitchen. The wood-fired oven enables you to take your pizza skills to a whole new level and gosh we are impressed.

The Uuni 3 can be placed in any open-sheltered space or the centerpiece of any industrial large kitchen. The outdoor oven delivers authentic Italian pizzas the easy way. The Uuni brand also is set to offer the Uuni Pro, a multi-fueled outdoor oven. The outdoor oven is to include a quad-fuel function, capable of running on wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas* which will allow a more consistent and all-around cooking time and finale.

First of all if your thinking this a plug and play sort of situation, you’ll be mistaken, The Uuni 3 oven comes in many parts but there is an easy manual included to get you through the setup. Once you’re over this hurdle, its time to light up and get cooking.

The Uuni comes equipped with instructions and even a recipe book to make your very own Neapolitan dough. We found our first couple of tries were, “questionable” but keep at it, the Uuni really does deliver a great pizza every time. We got talking to a few other pizza enthusiasts, who suffered from the issue of the wooden pellets, burning up too quickly and the temperature dropping, this means a good matter of time and attention needs to be spent in making sure the pellet chimney is always full and constantly heating.

We don’t know about you but we’re about to set up a good cook and this little oven is the centerpiece. Uuni 3 can be bought via the brand site for £215 (€245).

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