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Trauma: Living Genderlessly with Depression in [Seoul, Korea]

In an Exclusive Arts series for FGUK Magazine, Marcin T Jozefiak shoots Model and muse Pusae in ” Trauma” personal exploration of Gender and depression via Seoul, Korea. MU thanks to Lee Chaehyun, with fashion by Yu Jihye.

“My name is Pusae,  I’m an artist and model living in Seoul representing genderqueer in Korea. My shaved head causes a lot of negative reactions in such a fast-growing modern country but still very conservative when it comes to visual representation. The feeling of being genderless is something that I felt came naturally to me and that society should accept others that feel the same.

I’ve never felt female but people usually treat me as one because of the anatomy of my body. Korea has developed a lot to absorb the emerging identity(which was always there). In the past, I’ve suffered from deep depression whilst I was in high school, up until now, I have self-inflicted scars that remind me of that time. But I want to represent what it means to be genderless, managing depression but achieving.

The depressed are not being supported enough. Most of the time treated as we are wrong or others, this is why I choose to speak up. I want to normalize these feelings, be an example for other people.  I had my struggles and I’m proud of the journey I took to get where I am now.  

I want to think that my act is helping those who have depression and can feel safer and understood. I am proud of who I am now and I will continue to state that depression is a mental illness and everyone who struggles with it deserves help from professionals, as well as support from the rest of the society.” – Pusae

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