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STRAPP: Meet the LGBTQ artist opening up the conversation on Sex

Shawné Michaelain Holloway, a new media artist and sex educator based in Chicago, IL, is crowdfunding STRAPP, a new startup with a mission to create products with features that stay current with feedback from the community. Starting with a Kickstarter for a more modern strap-on harness with a secure, shape affirming style, STRAPP is seeking to raise $35,000 before Nov 15 to fund the design and manufacture of a cheaper, more accessible harness available more widely later next year.

Read more Below and Support Via Kickstarter Here.

Thanks so much for sitting with us. First of all, tell us in one short sentence, What is STRAPP?

STRAPP is a company that makes functional and responsive tools to support the great sex you’re already having.

You’re a sex educator, did this have a part to play in your interest in sex toys and harnesses?

Absolutely! I’ve been training and working as a sex educator since I was 18. I vowed to myself that I’d dedicate my entire life to the exploration of desire and connection. So, I’m out here in a big way. I want to put the things on the market that I hear people wanting but are continuously being denied.

What would you like to see STRAPP doing for the LGBTQ community but also the stigma of sex toys and harnesses?

While STRAPP is very sex forward and explicit in what we make, I want to use our focus on utility to step back from creating/recreating “what is sexy” – there are lots of other amazing companies that do that super well – and get down to the real conversation about how harnesses work, and what someone who wears them really wants out of that experience. I was inspired a lot by power tool and headphone companies – these brands that provide products that continuously perform a service and make you feel enabled as a result. I want to remind everyone that these harnesses work for us and they should reflect how we, as a community, move and how we evolve together, too.

As a QPOC how important is it to you to not just represent as a member of LGBTQ but also a POC who is a business owner?

It is so important! I’m, for sure, sitting down into STRAPP as a very out and loud black, lesbian-identified individual. I’m excited to join the ranks with so many other amazing, confident people out here just like me. I have a lot to learn.

How can people get involved in STRAPP? 

We’ve released 100 harnesses for purchase via Kickstarter! We’re also running a class in February to set intentions and talk through our desires in the new year. Other rewards include a limited edition book of original artwork and erotica and an interactive, net art love letter.

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