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SEAN SUEN Fall/Winter 2018

Sean Suen’s Autumn Winter 2018 collection draws inspiration from the dramatic and often tumultuous life of Pu Yi, the last Emperor of China, as well as from the 1987 Bernard Bertolucci film of the same name. The setting is Sean Suen’s native city of Beijing, China.

The collection flows with subtle references to traditional Chinese culture, from wholly conceptual modern outerwear to rich*, tailored coats and oversized pieces which play on the theme of childhood. The collection reflects Pu Yi’s transition from child to man, from Emperor to war criminal, from war criminal to citizen.

In this collection Sean Suen explores the journey of life, exploring the spaces between who we are and how our realities are embodied outwardly through the clothing we choose or are made, to wear throughout that life. This is The Story of Pu Yi, The Last Emperor as told by Sean Suen.

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