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Review: SmartHalo from bike to Smart Bike

SmartHalo is created by SmartHalo Technologies Inc., a Canadian company founded in 2014. SmartHalo Technologies Inc. who has seen epic growth, where the label wants to solve the biggest challenges in urban mobility around the globe.

With its circular, award-winning minimalist interface, SmartHalo shows the quickest and safest paths to destinations, lights the way at night and keeps the bike safe against thieves with its integrated alarm system. With its sleek design, SmartHalo attaches to any type of bike handlebar and pairs by Bluetooth with the SmartHalo app. While cycling, the phone stays in the pocket or the purse – all the information is shown using the tactile circular interface and contextual sounds.

-Precise and intuitive navigation designed to take the safest and fastest routes, while keeping the eyes on the road.

-A powerful front light that makes night rides journeys safer and more enjoyable that automatically turn on and off depending on the time of the day.

-An alarm designed to trigger a loud sound when the bike is tampered with, to prevent bike theft.

-A series of enhanced fitness features that automatically track and analyze fitness metrics without having to press start or stop

-Smarthalo’s personal assistant notifies you of incoming calls with a simple blue dot at the center of the interface.

This can be shopped Here and via Amazon.

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