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#REFELECTYOURSELF: Join the Revolution with Chop Chop London

Chop Chop London is probably one of the most efficient and stylish hairdressing experiences you’ll find across the city. Now celebrating its one year anniversary, concept hairdressing Chop-Chop unveils a debut campaign title “#REFLECTYOURSELF” Inspired by the diversity of their customers and a passion to express personality, individuality, and identity, Chop-Chop is asking fans, friends and family to take a look in the mirror and #reflectyourself. Each person is encouraged to write an adjective on the mirror describing who they are. By sharing a selfie with a positive message, the campaign aims to kick-start the year, and the 2nd year for Chop-Chop, with a positive message that ‘who I am’ is enough’.

Chop-Chop is the first of its kind; ungendered and ethnic neutral hair salon service, offering all hairstyles at just £20 for a 20-minute session. With a belief that great cuts and styling should be accessible to everyone, the salon concept was designed to shake-up the industry through its inclusivity, strong identity and affordability – both on your watch and your wallet.

Join the Army and #REFLECTYOURSELF

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    #REFELECTYOURSELF: Join the Revolution with Chop Chop London


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