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Redefining a ‘Fem Boy’ in ‘Wanderers’

We can sometimes place ourselves into boxes and culture doesn’t aid individualism when it directly affects a minority group such as Gender non-conforming and LGBTQ+ groups. The definition of how a man should identify when it comes to speech and gender presentation can be a little archaic.

In an Exclusive Men’s Beauty story titled, ‘WANDERERS‘ for FGUK Magazine, we address the ideas around “Fem boyz” and the association with being ‘soft and sensitive‘. Art Directed & styled by Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah with photography thanks to James O’Doherty.

Kyei-Darkwah pulls fashions by E. Tautz, Jun Nakamura, Casely-Hayford, DHENZE, Nathalie Coste, Represent, Kenzo, ISBIM, Julian Zigerli, Underage, Angel Chen and  Collusion.


Makeup // Dylan Price using Mac
SFX makeup // Nicola Svensen
Hair // Tyron Sweeney


Ed Munro, Bumjin @ AMCK
Jayden, Oliver Wheeler @ W Models

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