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Queer Rebels & Lovers of [Tbilisi, Georgia]

As you come closer to the city where the educated and progressive minds congregate, you tend to see a more liberal attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community but during the Soviet era, there was a yoke of religion under the protection of the Soviet Union that kept self-expression within the realm of family and state and with not much more development room since then, we are still seeing increased tolerance within the influence of a European exchange.

Queer life now flourishes in bustling Tbilisi Center, where many hotspots are now open for the creatives to gather, dress and express themselves freely. From Queer event called Horoom Night that sees one of the largest gatherings of the Queer and LGBTQ community in the caucuses, taking up residency at the Tbilisi’s world-famous Bassiani club to The original Success Gay Bar supporting LGBTQ+ Authentically.

Whilst progress is happening, this is slow, In an Exclusive collaboration with Dave Waldorf, we highlight just some of LGBTQ+ Magic held and festering in this growing emerging city.

With Fashion thanks to Situationist, Materiel, Lado Bokuchava, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, GMBH, Alan Crocetti, Balenciaga, Dr Martens and Material in this two-part story shot by Varditer Muradyan and Levan Maisuradze.


MU: Ksenia Larmak

Styling: Dave Waldorf

Models: Irakli BezhashviliAni Gavva, and Dave Waldorf.

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