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POWER: Tré Melvin, Aleali May, Candace Reels and Rickey Thompson for Issue 5

Today Marks the release of our 5th Issue: Power.

For Spring/Summer 2018 we wanted to celebrate the contributions of black and brown influencers, artists, activists, musicians etc have had on pop-culture as of late and we hope this continues to flourish. For issue 5 we have over 300 pages of content, interviewing over 20 new and established influencers and professionals across disciplines from Arts, Culture, Publishing, to those just challenging what it really means to be beautiful (real).

Our Cover stars Tré Melvin, Aleali (uh•lay•lee) May, Candace Reels and Rickey Thompson show us what power means to them and their Influence.

This issue doesn’t just focus of #POC issues but understands a war cannot be won just looking at it from one side, through our pages we share the ideas of love & inclusivity but look to raise awareness whether this be women’s politics, queer rights, POC Matters, and opinions or just pushing the ideas of a modern Utopia.

We chose July 4th as release date as we look at this as a rebirth of true #Freedom.


Shot by Simon Cecere, Stylist: Wilford Lenov, Hair + MU thanks to Julie Schiffer, Marcie Stuart and Naama Levinger @ JLS Makeup School. 


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