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Politically Charged Posters by Hugo Christian-Slane

For those unaware Hugo Christian-Slane, a New Zealand born New York-based artist is keeping us all informed with his collection of ‘LOST’ posters. Hugo who has unveiled over 15 posters across NYC captures the hearts of people with his politically charged public service posters.  When catching up with us Slane stated: “I make art and design in a variety of mediums focussing on current affairs, socio-political issues and what it means to be a boy/man.” Read more below and see his full poster selection in our Gallery.

Who are you?

My name is Hugo Christian-Slane, I also go by Hugs. I’m a designer and artist from New Zealand, working and living in New York, as of 2016.


What can you see your influence affecting?

On the internet and in New York with the Lost Posters. It’s interesting to see something so “internet/meme-oriented” ripple out online from what starts as an IRL installation. It’s pretty cool to get in-person reactions from rando’s around New York when I’m putting them up too. People are pretty friendly for the most part, but I’ve had to run from the cops once hahaha.

I love how people take photos and share them online, usually without credit (looking at YOU famous art critic who copied my work and A-list TV celebrity who didn’t want to credit hahaha) but Instagram is pretty good with eventually tagging and calling people out if need be.

When did you start creating posters and did you want to be as political as you are now?

I started creating the Lost posters mid-2017.

It usually takes me a while to find the perfect output/medium for an idea. I might think of something and write it down and mull it over for a while, whilst I complete other projects. So: politics, memes, language formulas. Boom. Lost Posters.

Politics is something I’ve always been interested in but haven’t known how to voice until 2017, maybe that’s part of being in New York.

What message do you want to send to anyone who sees your posters?

For me, it’s interesting to see people’s behavior around sharing ‘funny’ posters made about quite serious issues. I was hoping to make “digestible” and satirical street art to engage people in politics and current affairs, but it’s hard so taking very serious issues in society and offering someone a baby-step toward more analytical and provoking train of thought or dialogue through humor.

Art should be about creating new ideas and that’s it, so sowing dissension into people’s daily lives is a great start.

So, all-in-all I hope people can enjoy them and want to share in the political conversation! If you don’t like the posters, share your thoughts online anyway and I’d love to help you alienate yourself from your friends!

What Your end goal?

 My end goal is something I’m very hesitant to share. It’s always changing, and I don’t want to jinx myself, haha, but keeping things fun, interesting and challenging for myself is my priority. So maybe I’ll move on from posters to something different this year. Maybe not. Who knows.

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