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New Documentary ‘The Two Killings Of Sam Cooke’ on Netflix

Netflix, always ready to deliver truth dives into the life and death of legend Sam Cooke in the latest film offering on Netflix’s ReMastered documentary series.  Streaming now on Netflix, The Two Killings Of Sam Cooke, looks into possible corruption around Cooke’s death.

The new ReMastered series also explores, among others, how Bob Marley’s shooting was the result of the reggae legend being caught between warring political parties in Jamaica (Who Shot the Sheriff?), the still-unsolved murder of Run-DMC’s DJ (Who Killed Jam Master Jay?), and the controversial and tangled bond between Johnny Cash and Richard Nixon (Tricky Dick and the Man in Black).

“It was important not to just rehash information audiences already knew about famous musicians,” Jeff Zimbalist told Rolling Stone. Zimbalist, who, with his brother Michael, conceived and produced the series (working with executive producers Irving Azoff and Stu Schreiberg). “We want to advance the journalism and bring audiences stories they may not know about artists they do.”

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