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Natalie Krick: Mom and Me

In a move to challenge beauty norms, Young graduate and photographer Natalie Krick began shooting shots of women in what she called “female drag” after development Krick decided to make her mother the focus of many of her works, noticing the lack of older representation of women in the media and culture, Krick opted to dress and portray her mother as women of modern culture, lipstick, heels and the results are breathtaking.

The photographs that I make with my mother are fueled by my conflicting attraction and aversion to popular culture.  I am fascinated with perceptions of the sexualized body and the intersection between the ubiquitous and the taboo nature of sexuality. I photograph to portray beauty as artificial, flawed, threatening, psychological, seductive and garish.” 

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    Natalie Krick: Mom and Me

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