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NARGASSI Autumn/Winter 2019‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏

Eliran Nargassi unveiled his Autumnal 2018 collection entitled ‘Shatnez’ in the forms of a Lookbook. Shot by  Alina Braginski featuring Alan Godying from Brick Personal Management. Photo Assistance thanks to Nir Shaharabani.

 The upcoming Fall/Winter 2019, Nargassi continues to explore different Jewish aspects, focusing now on elements & details in garments worn by Jewish orthodox groups. In the collection, Nargassi created belts that were inspired by the Gartel and combined them with woolen threads in Tzitzit4 – like ties and the Jewish prayer shawl. 

This collection follows the line identified with the Brand’s hand-writing, contrasting and raising questions. On the one hand – conservative, religious, Jewish, rooted, & Israeli. On the other hand, by combining Wool & Linen together – Nargassi goes against the Jewish law and one of the traditions that even nowadays are still closely observed. It is cynical to think how something that is so rationally minor and not visible makes wearing this garment forbidden. 

Check out the campaign here.

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