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MUTED : A New British Pop-Rock Musical

Words by Marvin Maddix



In every young play or new performance piece we attend there lays a hint of scepticism, wonder and dread.

The thought of sitting through a play that makes you wish you could be spending time sleeping. We got invited to spend the evening at The Bunker where we saw the debut of new musical Muted.

Now dare I say, was I filled with Scepticism, wonder and dread? of course, did it last? No. On a limited stage in such a personal and intimate setting Muted offered what we would expect and more from a new performance piece, bright lights, new arrangements and a few rare pennies.

By the First interval we had laughed, felt dread, sceptical and wondrous (maybe not in that order) but loved every moment of it and all accompanied by a live thrio Gus Isidore, Greg Pringle and Stephen Street.


“MUTED tells the story of Michael Brookman, an exceptional young musician whose band was on the brink of stardom, until his mother was suddenly killed in a hit and run accident. Since then he hasn’t uttered a word.”

Tori Allen-Martin who stars as Lauren but also has music and lyric rights blew us away with her down to earth but so powerful presence. Co-star and a very dashing young man David Leopold plays true to his role and delivers some of the most hair raising scenes alongside friend and nemesis Jos Slovick.

Edd Campbell who plays Michael’s past and inner self really brings his voice and character forward. Muted overall features a great cast not forgetting Mark Hawkins who plays Will and Helen Hobson as Amanda.

Muted delivers a fresh take on the theatre. We look forward to a little more from each of these rising stars.


Muted will be running up until Dec 31st 2016. Buy tickets now.


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