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Meet the VIA Design Graduate of 2018: Zsófia Tátrai

We meet designer Zsófia Tátrai after her presentation collection on the VIA Design runway presented during Copenhagen Fashion Week. We hand selected some of the best collections and heard more from each designer.

Read the full interview below. 


Where are you from?




What is the collection about?

The interesting thing about current trends in society is we tend to forget about men in general. Here comes the question: why? Why is it still a taboo for guys to speak about their inner conflicts or ask for professional help in 2018? AW18 encourages men to wear mental issues-inspired garments to open a discussion about these questions.

What was your initial starting process?

Having a difficult experience with a troubled person last Summer, I was pretty frustrated when the graduate project started. The only thing I knew was I wanted all I had been feeling and experienced to be transferred and channeled into my project. After speaking with therapists and friends, my purpose has changed: instead of showing demonized versions of different mental issues, I decided to demonstrate the journey from sociopathy – which cannot be cured – through narcissism, borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety to the other end of the scale: a healthy state of mind. The breaking point was when I realized, the project can only be successful if I let my ego go and think about those who are in need of encouragement. 

How did it feel to showcase on a runway?

Are you kidding? INCREDIBLE! 

What do you want viewers to take away from your collection?

Men are allowed to have feelings too! Asking for help is more manly than suffering as a ‘tough’ idiot. 

Where can readers find out more about you?

You can find out more about my collection here and on Instagram @zsofitatrai, mail.

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