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Meet the VIA Design Graduate of 2018: Luca Levai

Meet design student Luca Levai one of the VIA Design alumni who presented her collections during Copenhagen Fashion Week. We hand selected some of the best collections and heard more from each designer.

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Where are you from?  




What is the collection about?

Inspired by travels to the world’s oldest living aboriginal culture in Australia, URBAN TRIBE is a 100% upcycled collection exploring the contrast in values and mentality of indigenous cultures and our consumer society. It is both a revolution and a celebration. A revolution of forgotten values and a fight against the way we over exhaust and control everything around us. A celebration of the human spirit and energy in our urbanized world, where the human soul wants to be freed. It is the celebration of awakening. By using only discarded waste materials and turning trash into treasure, the URBAN TRIBE collection is a textural storytelling, spreading the message about our wasteful unconscious living, and urging to be mindful in the modern world.

What was your initial starting process? 

My design process started with collecting post-consumer and production textile waste from different companies, from all over Denmark. Then sorting and merging it with my inspiration, old materials through different mixed media techniques were turned into new surfaces.

How did it feel to showcase on a runway? 

It is the most incredible feeling seeing walking and moving your garments that is a part of your soul, in such settings, down the runway. All the looks and reactions. It is powerful and magical.

What do you want viewers to take away from your collection?

URBAN TRIBE is a message to be more connected with our soul and how we treat our world and environment. My goal is to connect style and sustainability, to create something soulful and different, that people can connect to.

Where can readers find out more about you?  Online, and Instagram @luca.levai

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