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Meet the VIA Design Graduate of 2018: Irina-Ana Budac

Irina-Ana Budac is just one of the many students from VIA Design who presented their collections during Copenhagen Fashion Week. We hand selected some of the best collections and heard more from each designer.

read the full interview below.

Where are you from?

The collection was developed in collaboration with my dear friend Rielle Magnee, with whom I plan to develop the brand Bumagn further. I am from Romania and Rielle is from the Netherlands.


I am 23 and Rielle is 28 years old.

What is the collection about?

“The art collector,” tells a story of a lonely man that goes through three different stages of mental illness.

The beginning of the story talks about depression and illustrates the struggles of our main character. He feels lost but wants to escape his condition, so he starts collecting paintings in order to fulfill his loneliness.

The story passes onto stage two as the art collector goes from depression to madness. He collects so many paintings that the walls in his house are completely drowned in them, he talks to his paintings on a daily basis, gives them names and throws parties for them. Convinced that color may bring happiness back into his life, the art collector starts eating paint and obsessively painting his whole house.

Filled with hopelessness the art collector passes onto stage three as he covers himself in the paint and commits suicide, which can be interpreted as a symbolical attempt at becoming one of the paintings and finding peace.

What was your initial starting process?

We take great pleasure in creating stories and characters that focus on the absurdity of life and shows the struggles of the human condition from a humoristic angle, which is why as an initial starting process we tried to concentrate on narrating the story of the art collector, which we later transformed into our design universe and inspiration.

How did it feel to showcase on a runway?

 Seeing the collection go down the runway is one of the most rewarding experiences a designer can get.

We are both very grateful for the opportunity as we ended the show with a big smile and a lot of positive feedback from our audience.

What do you want viewers to take away from your collection?

Our brand and collection are defined by symbolism and storytelling through fashion. We believe that fashion should always carry a message and ours is: “Life is too short to be focused on the negatives. Make your life a comedy and always laugh at your monsters.”

Where can readers find out more about you?

We can be found on Instagram: or for any additional information, we encourage people to contact us by email.

 Meet more of the VIA Design students Here.

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