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Meet the VIA Design Graduate of 2018: Eva Lili Bartha

Introducing rising star Eva Lili Bartha another one from the pack at VIA Design during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Read the full interview below. 


Where are you from?




What is the collection about?

The men- and womenswear AW18 collection is called High On Life. It takes the audience on a metaphoric journey where my former addiction to pills is in line with a  general attitude in life: inescapable longing for completion, love, acceptance and desperately seeking happiness itself. The strong, expressive prints, structured surfaces, and unusual shapes transmit the bittersweet nature of addiction: something which can not only bring out the engulfing ecstatic feelings but leaves the hopeless craving for something non-reachable. The amount of white colour on each outfit serves as negative space, representing the naked soul on what the hectic hurricane of emotions paints acid clouds. Everyone is addicted in life, to life.

What was your initial starting process?

Having realised that I am particularly intrigued by the process of my therapy in the past and what emotions the different stage of addiction triggered in me, I started with brainstorming with the keyword ‘contrast’: to seek how to interpret such contradictory adventure. My brain reacts to what I feel, touch and see, thus I collected different materials and colours to create a rich palette of impulses through which later on I could transmit my message.

How did it feel to showcase on a runway?

Every time my models are ready-to-go in the lineup, my heart is filled with gratefulness and awe, I cannot believe that it is possible to speak with clothing, and I am happy to be part of a wonderful experience. Looking at the reactions of the audience while my designs walk on the runway completes my goal with each collection: I can see how they get involved the story-telling and being flooded by emotions they never thought fashion can ignite. The part when us, designers have to walk, that I do not like it. Please hide me next time!

What do you want viewers to take away from your collection?

First of all, my mission in fashion is to show that clothing can be much more than a pointless item of consumerism. I believe that it is not only possible to communicate adventures, feelings, and emotions through a collection, but also essential. Having access to such a powerful tool to share my values and stories I feel privileged and happy to open up about my life experiences. The essence of this collection offers a two-sided reflection on our existence: while we are blindly seeking the mystified state of perfection and happiness, we miss the most valuable moments in our life. On the other hand, life itself and all our aspirations and decisions complete the most beautiful symphony which boldly plays on us, simple human instruments.

Where can readers find out more about you?

Have a  look at my Instagram account @lilibartha for day-to-day insights of my design universe, or follow on my Facebook page called BARTHA. My portfolio, projects, and information about me can be found on my website: 

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