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We Meet FashGif aka Greta Larkin

There a sense of true freedom on the web, The creative arts have digitalised and there is a growing amount of artists utilising social platforms to showcase and allow their work to come alive. Tumblr famed FashGif is just one of the wonders to stem from the new digital age of artistry. This Melbourne-based creative aka Greta Larkins has truly built a name for herself. Already working with the likes of Coachella, Gucci, Nasty Gal and Tate Britain all fans of her work. Racking up more than 350,000 followers on her Tumblr we catch up to discuss, career, passion, and traveling. 


Hi FASHGIF… first of all, tell us the name on your passport?

Greta Larkins

Where did come from and how was your upbringing?

I’m from Melbourne, Australia and have pretty much lived here my whole life except for a small stint in the UK. I was lucky enough to grow up in a leafy suburb of Melbourne and later in life have lived in the city – best of both worlds!

What drew you to graphics and ultimately photoshop?

I always loved art and creating costumes and sets at school so when I discovered Photoshop I was drawn to the variety of ways you can edit and alter an image with just one program.

Did you learn it professionally or was this self-taught?

I’m self-taught but have picked up some tips from experts over the years. YouTube is an incredible resource for tutorials and there’s always something else you can learn. That said, because the options are never-ending it’s important to know exactly what you want to do before searching for the “how to”.

So, we know you go by the name of FASHGIF how did this come about?

When I decided to start making GIF animations (early 2011) and posting them to Tumblr I realised I needed a theme to follow so my site felt consistent. At the time I was working as a trend forecaster so fashion made the most sense. Thus FASHGIF: fashion + GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

You actually do more than just fashion inspired gifs, do tell us more about this and which came first?

 The very first GIF I made was of a friend – just as a joke but then I focussed my attention on fashion. Really you can animate most images if there is something of interest in them. A model in a plain single-coloured flat dress is probably not going to make a thrilling animation so I’m always looking for pattern, texture, colour and  abstract elements. I also love animating buildings, especially Brutalist ones – really anything can come alive!

You’ve collaborated with some amazing labels so far, anyone you feel you’d still love to add to your portfolio?

I’ve always wanted to work with Prada and American Vogue. I love Christopher Kane too.

How long does it take you to complete a GIf and does the idea of what you want to do with it come instantly, or is this a process?

 Sometimes the idea is instant and I love this feeling but I have stared at some images on and off over a few days when suddenly a good idea jumps out. It can take anywhere from one hour to a few days; really depends on the complexity of the concept.

Anyone, you feel helps influence or inspire your style?

There’s almost too many to list! When working with clients I like to let their brand and their heritage influence my animation but I turn to anything: films, music, illustrators, other animators – whatever it takes to get that spark.

Where do you see Greta Larkins in a few years?

I have a fantasy about moving to the country and having chickens and a vegetable patch! I’d also love to do more travel. I haven’t traveled in over a decade so maybe I’ll spend a few years on the road if my lifestyle and career permit.

Describe yourself in four words with the letters…





Check out Greta’s Tumblr Here and Follow her on Instagram.

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