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Meet Chicago artist Harmonia Rosales reimagining paintings by Inserting Women of Colour.

When it comes to classic art, people of colour can be overlooked in the forms of inspiration or just focus, but there’s one woman pioneering change and the way we see modern and classic arts. Harmonia Rosales is a Chicago based artist and painter challenging the standards of artistic-beauty. Rosales reimagines fine art pieces, inserting woman of colour from murals to more well-known pieces “Creation of God.”  drawing inspiration from Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, one of the most recognizable pieces of art from the Sistine Chapel, based in Vatican City

“I believe in creating artwork with meaning–meaning with impact, moving people to see the world differently and to be guided by that new vision. ”

Read Full Exclusive Interview below and See more of Rosales work Here


Who are you?

I’m a forever student, I’m in a constant state of evolution. Lessons I learn that help shape who I am today I hope to turn into lessons I teach along the way.

 Tell us about your upbringing and what lead you to become an artist?

Becoming an artist was set in the cards since I was born… I was brought up in a culturally rich home, one that was consistently fed arts from around the world. Every day I would wake up to my mother’s beautiful illustrations and my father practicing on the congas. I was lucky to have grown up in such an artistically nurturing environment, it truly made me the artist I am today.

Talk to us about your methodology and what message you are looking to send?

I pull from societies objectification/misrepresentation of women as well as my own experiences as a woman of color and challenge that with positivity and love. I look to empower through knowledge.

 What do power and influence mean to you?

Power and influence have always translated into control. So the question you should ask yourself is, are you in control of who you are?

 Name us an artist of colour you admire?

I like many artists but there is only one artist I admire, my mother…Melodye Benson Rosales.

 Have you received any backlash from your work of Black depictions?

Of course, but the amount of positive feedback has outweighed any negative.

 Why do you think your art is recognized more now more than ever?

My work is equally relevant today as it was in the past. The only difference now is the growth in my works recognition amongst the audience that yearns for that representation.

 What’s Next for Harmonia?

In terms of my work, it’s not about what’s next, I focus on what’s now. We need to learn how to slow down to appreciate the present…because whatever I’m working on now will inspire whats next.

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