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Lily Bling x Palomo Spain

In an Exclusive story for FGUK Magazine, We meet Lily Bling a young genderfluid stylist in collaboration with Spanish ready to wear label Palomo Spain from the pages of Issue 5: Power.

Fashion thanks to Palomo Spain and Dior. Shot by Christopher McCrory, styled by Lily Bling and grooming thanks to Tasos Constantinou.

“Morning Upper East Blingers (the fans), I’m Ryan Peterson aka Lily Bling aka Lillian B aka Nosejob aka Hair Transplant. I’m a freelance stylist, full-time visage and reality star born in London and raised in Essex. Powa is the key 2 mi destiné, don’t let the h8rz bring u down u just gotta do u, n fly mi angel fly…. sprd ur wingz mi lil buttafli n thx 4 all ur support bcos lyf is abt rechen 4 the Starz just b u n glare 2 ur h<3rts desire xxx”

“As an LGBTQIAASNOB plus size gender fluid queer non binary cross-dressing radical vegan feminist I don’t believe in gender xx I’d glare at all the plumped up visages I see, and take photos of them so I could accumulate an archive of lol factor to inspire me I’d be married to a 70-year-old billionaire and spending his hard earned money on living a life of vulgarity with a visage like Pete Burns and a wardrobe like Liberace”

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