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“Labeled” an exploration into self-expression


In an Exclusive for FGUK Magazine, Photographer Thomas Haevy looks into wearing our insecurities and differences proudly as we take a look at his new series titled, “labeled” with MU thanks to Ksenia Ladus.

If you are ostracized for being who you are or if you are even battling with depression, you should not hide your problems and experiences within yourself. On the contrary, you must accept who you are and not be afraid to show your true self to the World.” – Thomas Haevy

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One of the central sources of our unhappiness is that we spend too much time worrying about what others think about us.

We lie in bed awake thinking of all the poor decisions we made or pondering on how we could become the better versions of ourselves? We focus on our flaws and weaknesses instead of accepting them and dealing with them. As a result, we develop anxiety, deny our true selves or obsess with our own image. We seek validation in strangers’ opinions and conform to their expectations. As Lao Tzu said: “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”

We stay anxious as we live in the World surrounded by people making judgments based on tiny parts of our lives like status, parenting skills, physical appearance or sexual orientation. We worry so much about criticism or humiliation that we start seeking approval from people we do not even like us very much.

In reality, when we fail, almost no one cares much. Society is not occupied with our fears and troubles because everybody is busy living their lives. Our greatest errors and embarrassments will soon be forgotten.

To survive in this crazy World we need to develop self-compassion. We need to understand that our flaws are in fact general, none of us are entirely ‘sane’ or ‘well’ and mistakes are part of the human condition.

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