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Korean designer Kang Dong Junn presents D.GNAK AW18


This season, the Chinese phrase 場春夢 is the starting point for Korean designer Kang Dong Jun, whose label D.GNAK presented Autumn Winter 18 collection at London Men’s Fashion Week. Translated as ‘a spring dream’, or ‘an empty dream’, the saying echoes through centuries of Chinese poetry. In its essence, it speaks to a sense of transience and impermanence, to faded fantasies, and humanity’s tendency to dwell in the past, to be occupied by memories of moments which can never truly be recaptured.

Autumn Winter 18 collection sees Kang.D work mostly in dark velvets and rich, tactile wools, also introducing jacquards. D.GNAK is known for its intelligent monochromes – articulating concepts without colour. Only black and white fabrics can be found in the Autumn Winter 18 collection, resulting in a shadowplay of light and dark, opposing forces and natures. Embroideries are present once more, expressing the unique identity and artisan mentality of the brand. Alongside memento mori motifs like the skull and crossbones, The word ‘REPENTANCE’ appears on garments throughout the collection – encouraging us to seek forgiveness for our vanities and address our actions anew.

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