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Introducing Xylobands: Bringing Light to Life

This year saw us team up with British tech company Xylobands to bring you an incredible musical and visual experience during our launch of London Men’s Fashion Week.

Xylobands LED wristbands have lit up arenas from Jay Z, Kelly Rowland, Celine Dion and Rihanna and we brought them to you exclusively in the heart of Soho’s 100 wardour street.

“Xylobands create an enchanting and playful atmosphere across festival sites and can be operated in real time according to the festival line up. For example, whilst a main act is on the Xylobands can flash in time with the music and generate an electric and charged atmosphere. During more acoustic or quieter times, the Xylobands can be switched to a slower setting which creates an organic and far reaching “twinkle” effect across the festival site.”

Thanks So much to the XYLOBANDS TEAM, to Order or book your next gig with Xylobands head here.

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