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Introducing: Sweet Like Candy with Yamuna Forzani

In an Exclusive for FGUK Magazine ‘Sweet Like Candy’ is shot by Emma Lee Smit and depicts Daniel Walton showing all her sisters how to work mesh robes, fluffy collars, and short skirts, all by wearing fashions by Yamuna Forzani, a queer, vegan, knitwear designer produced in The Netherland.

In the manifestation of sexual freedom and equality, Forzani stamps her use of dreamy, fantasy-like materials combined with the colourful attitude of the individuals highlighting what it truly means to dress freely.

“I feel like I’ve heard so many people preach about who should wear what and how one should wear a specific piece of clothing. In a social media, stimulated age, I think we should rather use our voices to encourage and collaborate, rather than spread negativity. You can wear whatever the fuck you want, and however the fuck you want to!” 

MU thanks to Jeanne Laval.

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