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Introducing Drag and Drop: Challenging Eastern Female Stereotypes

Drag and Drop were born in Odessa in the South of Ukraine, on the Black Sea coast. Odessa is a city with a rich multi-cultural background, which strongly influenced the concept and aesthetic of «drag and drop» Brand Modus operandi, when it comes to creativity, is inspired by the childhood in Odessa – its vibrant atmosphere and the hedonism and freedom of the seaside town. The label was officially launched in Kiev in 2016.

Drag and Drop are set to dismantle stereotypes of Eastern European women and challenge the representation of female sexuality in fashion. They use materials often associated with bad taste and trashy sex appeals – such as snakeskin, lace, and PU leather – in designs which were not just ironic, but also comfortable and liberating for the body.

For the SS19 the upbeat and jovial Drag and Drop comes in strong with pop sensations and viscous silhouettes. Finding inspirations in the dramatic sexiness of French movies heroines such as a Isabella Adjani’s in l’été meurtrier, the scandalous Catherine Deneuve playing in Belle de Jour or the limitless sexiness of Jane Fonda as a space pop Venus, from there the label is taking its ongoing exploration of unconventional beauty and aesthetics to the next level by smartly fusing this input with the meticulous study of the exemplary style of 2000’S social starlets and LA vibe.

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