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Introducing Andrea Delorenzi

Andrea Delorenzi is a young designer based in Florence, Currently attending Polimoda and studying Fashion design and illustration Delorenzi presents his second-year collection titled “AIMFROM“.

Where are you from?
I’m from Cesenatico, in Italy.

When do you graduate?
I’m in the last year of Polimoda, in Florence. I will graduate in June.


What is the collection about?
It’s about the sense of belonging focused on two Mexican group, Marasavatrucha, and the Cholombianos.I worked mixing the bright colors of the cholo shirts and the nude skin colors of the MS13. The prints of my bandana and the saints are all re-read with a slight irony, bringing the same saints into the rough Mexican rundown. In the silhouette, there is the idea of laying bare one’s own personality as uncovered parts of the garments and the boxers (normally intimate garment) above the pants.

What is your direction on the label?
My direction is towards sportswear and streetwear reinterpreted in a new, fresh and innovative way with a hint of irony.

Images shot by Greta Langiann featuring model Jean Luis Peña Gonzalez. 

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