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Interview with The Blonds

With over a decade behind them and countless elite clientele, We speak to New York-based design duo The Blonds after their Autumnal 2018 showcase during New York Fashion Week. Phillipe and David Blond have perfected their aesthetic between drag-esque to Fierce Kween.

Catch up on all below and check out the Full Collection Here


Hi Phillipe and David, how are you? and thanks for sitting down and chatting with us at FGUK.

The Blonds : Thank you!

First of all, I want to say happy 2018, your more than 10 years established, do you feel there is something you still want to achieve personally or as a duo?

David: We are so looking forward to 2018!

Phillipe: As for the brand, we are really hoping to create a fragrance in the future.

Phillipe, I know you said a while back your statement runway look is normally the starting point of the collections, tell us about the inspiration behind Fall 2018?

David: This collection is inspired by the primeval and eternal conflict of Good vs. Evil as a driving force in art, literature, and film. Renaissance-era frescoes, allegorical poems such as John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and Dante’s “Inferno”, the early 1990’s comic book character Lady Death and Kenneth Anger’s film, Lucifer Rising all served as specific forms of inspiration.

Phillipe: That influence can also be seen in the materials we used this season. Fabrications that are our signatures, such as spikes and studs, are contrasted against elegant embroidered lace, pearls, and crystal elements.

Of course, Daphne Guinness not just closed but performed during the latest showcase, tell us why Daphne, other than she’s fucking fierce?

Phillipe: Daphne has inspired us since we started The Blonds. She is the epitome of what The Blonds are about.

David: This particular collection was a perfect fit!

You’ve dressed some of biggest stars in some of their most iconic moments, do you feel there is still someone you’d love to get your hands on?

The Blonds: Lana Del Ray and Diana Ross!

Now we know Empire was one of your guilty pleasures but also, you’re a power couple, tell us who would be Cookie and who is more of a Lucious Lyon?

The Blonds: Haha, we think that’s pretty obvious!

We want to get to know more about Phillipe and David, how did you both meet?

David: One crazy night out in New York City!

Phillipe: And we’ve been together ever since!

When did you both feel you wanted to take this creative Journey with each other?

David: Once Phillipe and I realized that we had similar ambitions and a passion for design, we decided to start The Blonds.

One thing you could never live without?

Phillipe: My heels!

David: Bacon!

Besides fashion, we know you also support a tonne of charities and initiates, tell us about those?

The Blonds: We have been long-time supporters of MAC AIDS Fund and we strive to raise awareness for a variety of causes, including cancer research.

Gender non-conforming is something we hold dear, could we see men walking The Blonds runway anytime soon?

The Blonds: The Blonds are all about inclusivity!  We cast our shows based on whatever character-driven themes we want to express. Personality matters the most when looking for our models!


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