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Interview: Heron Preston talks Nike Collaboration

For Spring/Summer 2019, Heron Preston created a collection firmly rooted in his fascination with workwear, taking rustic inspiration from industrial design to create safety product graphics, hardware details and deconstructed classic utilitarian pieces.

No newbie to fashion, Heron Preston has already racked up a very impressive list of celebrity clientele, which was evident even as he ran his first official “walking” presentation during Paris Fashion Week Men’s. Heron Preston was joined by Bella Hadid, Virgil Abloh, Lucien Smith, Theophilus London, Jerry Lorenzo, Arthur Kar, Francesco Ragazzi, Simi + Haze Khadra, Ian Connor, Pedro Cavaliere, Mitsuhiro Kubo, Kerwin Frost, Aleali May,  Ricky Saiz, Brie Welch, Maryna Linchuk, Alex Sossah, Sabrina Albarello, Siobhan Bell and more during his Spring/Summer 2019 collection presentation entitled “En Vogue” at a metal factory in Paris and we catch up with the cult-designer and talk inspiration, collaboration an friendships.

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We see you were so emotional (There were tears), what brought you to this moment?

I didn’t plan to be so emotional, I got out there and it just hit me. 

What made you feel so emotional, you’ve presented so many times and your Heron Preston of course?

This is all a stage, I fell like I wasn’t meant to be here, This is all a blessing to me, just seeing everyone who came out to support and adorning something I’ve created was really overwhelming. 

Tell us about inspiration?

The inspiration all started with a fresco by Diego Rivera, a painter from Mexico and he depicted a scene of a Detroit -Ford factory assembly line, who was commisioned by the city to just celebrate the vibrancy of the industry, so I wanted to recreate this whole mood, the idea of making the engine and making the platform (which models stood on, during the presentation). 

I wanted to challenge myself to do something that wasn’t stereotypically a runway. 

You’ve changed the direction this season, it feels so much more defined, tell us more about this?

I feel like I’ve taken a bunch of learnings from the past collections and finally stepped up my colour palette, fabrications, and inspirations, I am taking modern classics and adding my own twists. From my trench, its classic take on the form but I’ve added my updates on the back, I’ve taken fanny packs from my last collection and used them as pockets, so just playing with the past to recreate something new.  

We know you’re a true party goer, how much of your nightlife has an influence on your direction?

So this collection I’ve collaborated with Nike too, and their signature tailwind glasses, it’s my first collaboration with Nike and that’s a whole lifestyle story, so there are four lenses which are interchangeable and on each lens is a time printed stamp, like 2:00 pm and there’s a mirrored option which says 5:00 am and it really speaks to this lifestyle of clubbing, you get out the club and put on your 5 am lenses and its a mirrored version of self really. So the collection definitely plays with lifestyle, for sure. 

Do you feel this is the direction you want to keep going in, in terms of what the Heron Preston consumer looks like?

I definitely want to continue to evolve and just pushing new ideas, but I also want to create new ideas that aren’t too far from the identity of who I am and the existing DNA I’ve been building the past couple of collections. 

Finally, Virgil and yourself are of course great friends and has just presented his first collection for Louis Vuitton how are you both feeling, you feel proud?

I feel like we both graduated high school today…seriously like, it’s his first show with Louis and My first show in Paris, I feel like there are so many emotions happening this week and I just couldn’t hold back. 

Images Shot by Simon Cecere. 

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